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Killeavy old church , the place where the parish gets its name.

Killean Church

Meigh Church

Parish Church Cloghogue

Killean Mass rock

Dromalane Church Middle Killeavy

The photograph is of the opening just over 50 years ago.


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Five existent prehistoric cairns in the Killeavy area testify to the presence of people and their religious customs in our district thousands of years before the coming of Christ, thousands of years before our patroness St. Monnina settled on these historic slopes. The sense of legend and mystery is unparalleled in the whole country, and we can be secure in our belief that Monnina, our patroness was drawn towards Slieve Gullion; as were the ancients before her.


The Mass Rocks in Killean, Cloughoge and Meigh are further signposts  signs dark times, of great suffering and misery culminating in the afflictions of the famine years. Many people had to escape to other lands but many held firm to their homes and their land. They overcome their hardships and were even able in 1852 to erect St. Joseph's Church in Meigh. Twenty years later, the Church of St. Michael in Killean was blessed and opened to the faithful. Then in 1 9 1 6 the splendid Church of the Sacred Heart in Cloughoge was created and the most recent of our monuments to the living faith, St. Mary of the Assumption in Drumalane in 1 954.