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Below are a few pictures of  the SS Clonallon and its sister ships the photos where taken in killean chapel on the memorial event that took place a  few years ago


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 [IMG] IMAG0006.JPG 11-Jun-2005 15:56 729k

 [IMG] IMAG0007.JPG 11-Jun-2005 15:57 729k

 [IMG] IMAG0008.JPG 11-Jun-2005 15:57 729k

[IMG] IMAG0009.JPG 11-Jun-2005 15:57 729k

[IMG] IMAG0010.JPG 11-Jun-2005 15:58 729k

[IMG] IMAG0011.JPG 11-Jun-2005 15:58 729k

[IMG] IMAG0012.JPG 11-Jun-2005 15:59 729k

[IMG] IMAG0013.JPG 11-Jun-2005 16:00 729k

[IMG] IMAG0014.JPG 11-Jun-2005 16:00 729k

[IMG] IMAG0015.JPG 11-Jun-2005 16:01 729k

 [IMG] IMAG0016.JPG 11-Jun-2005 16:01 729k

[IMG] IMAG0017.JPG 11-Jun-2005 16:02 729k

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